experimental banana bread

IMG_0651Having finally moved into my new (and very student-y) house at university, it was about time I did my first bake in the somewhat grotty kitchen. I hadn’t quite established that the kitchen lacked scales, measuring cups and mixing bowls; all the oven markings had been rubbed off so there was no telling what you were heating up, or how hot it might be; I also totally forgot to buy baking parchment. The odds were most definitely against me, but somehow it turned out ok! Or even better than ok! Positively yummy. And I definitely feel like I’ve bonded with that kitchen, even if just through my gentle coaxing of the cooker. Bring on a year of happy student baking!

4 thoughts on “experimental banana bread

  1. Sounds familiar! Just moved my 19 year old daughter into her new student dungeon in London. But like you she’s started cooking…paella first!

  2. Good for you for not being put off by the kitchen’s less-than welcoming and horribly under-prepared state! You clearly have the baking skills to overcome a grumpy oven and some poorly stocked cupboards – well done, you!

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