belated is better

Mum had to delay her visit because her operation was postponed at last minute. I didn’t think she would make it at all, but then she did and it was lovely. We and lunch and I caught up on family and all the small town gossip from home. Belated is undoubtedly better than never, but I think it’s even better than coming when expected.



swirly birthday

I made (several attempts at) a marble cake for my friend’s birthday. The best bit was the chocolate ganache topping, because it required the least input from the kitchen appliances. I really, really dislike this oven. Take me home to consistent heat!


soufflé-filled goodbyes

IMG_1024November is seeing an influx of relatives from across the Atlantic, coming to say – in frank terms – their last goodbyes. If you’ve never had or seen a last goodbye, let me tell you, they’re pretty strange beasts. Neither person wants to acknowledge that in all likelihood this is the last time they’ll see each other, nor make too many references to past times where they grew together. Instead, everyone skates around doing their best to have a good time – and perhaps this is the best possible outcome anyway. We did have a lovely time last weekend, and we ate many soufflés – next on my cooking to-do list when I get home to a nice kitchen! Food is a remarkably exciting comfort of the present, that continues to delight, soothing woes and making memories. It was a painful goodbye regardless, and I wasn’t even the one saying it.

mutant scones

I tried to make teeny bunny shaped scones. They didn’t work. Instead they turned into mutant puff-balls, so I didn’t serve them to our guests. These ones worked ok, though. IMG_0914