coffee n thoughts

It’s no secret that I’m a fairly avid tea-fanatic, but it takes something really special to coax me to have a coffee. My main memories of coffee for a long time were its nauseating pungency on long-haul flights – that coffee they keep lukewarm at the back of the cabin and bring out after they’ve served the food – by which time I was usually feeling horrendously queasy anyway. So for a long time I avoided coffee at all costs, falling in love, instead, with tea. Now, though, I’m re-discovering this lost beverage and I will walk miles to find the really good stuff. The stuff that doesn’t resemble that dark, high-altitude grimness in the slightest…



marvellous macarons

I’m still in awe at the amazing macarons my cousin made for our family gathering in London at the weekend. With black skies and glorious sunshine, it was an incredible afternoon, topped off with an equally mesmerising afternoon tea.


afternoon tea treats

my cousin Emily very kindly took me along to claim a free afternoon tea with her. Both the food and company were wonderful. Such fun to catch up surrounded by teeny scones and looking out at a sunny London square.