crumpets in Cambridge

In the past few weeks that I’ve spent at home, I’ve particularly enjoyed bonding with Dad over a shared favourite treat of ours: a mid-morning cafe visit. Since he’s been off work, he’s had lots of time to stroll into town with me for a morning coffee and cake, and it’s been wonderful. There’s something so therapeutic about sitting down in a cafe environment, with nothing to do but enjoy your coffee and chat. We went into Cambridge yesterday morning so I could find a suitable dress for Mum’s cremation, and I took the opportunity to show Dad one of my newly discovered Cambridge cafes- ‘Afternoon Tease’. He gave it a 9/10, which is almost unheard of in Dad-measurement. I had some divine homemade crumpets. It was poignant, of course, as everything now is, that Mum wasn’t with us. I take great pleasure, though, in remembering all the little cafes I forced her to go to with me. She was far easier to please!


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