A faintly hungover breakfast (shh I know it’s nearly lunch time) to fuel some idea-pondering for my next article for Bitten Oxford. Watch this space!

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Chia seeds

what exactly is all the hype about chia seeds? I mean, it’s fine if you’re hungry, but they kind of look like frogspawn and taste like how I imagine the word ‘wibble’ would taste if you could eat it. Not sure this health stuff is for me, take me back to scones…


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Portobello road

the last time I walked down Portobello Road I was about 13 and with my mum. We were both super cross with each other about something I can’t even remember but we made up v quickly over a cupcake from the Hummingbird Bakery and realised that we’d probably just been hangry. When the bus dropped me at Notting Hill the other morning, I thought I’d amble down the road and maybe find myself a cupcake



Daffodil day

I’m actually quite fond of January (mainly cos no-one else is) but there always comes a point near the end of the month from which I decide I need a permanent dose of daffodils to see me through to spring. This grey day is daffodil day. (the glow of my fav sneakers helps as well)


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so done with snails

my celebration for finishing my essay – in which I spent far too long dwelling on the paleoecological importance of snail shells than anyone should have to, ever – is involving demolishing the nearest thing I can get to a snail (an exceptionally yum pain au raisin)


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