Post pretty

Thank you so much everyone for a lovely birthday! Isn’t this cake completely heavenly? I got it in the post, much to the amusement of the college porters. Thank you thank you thank you everyone for making my day so special




since the tragic loss of the Jericho Coffee Traders, I’ve been strolling the Oxford streets in search of a substitute supplier of exquisite flat whites and salted caramel brownies. Yesterday, I happened upon success. ‘Barefoot Coffee’ you are perfect. image


Ngl I walked down Turl St four times yesterday just in case Benedict Cumberbatch happened to emerge from Exeter college, where he’s filming Dr. Strange. Alas, to no avail.


Happy birthday, dad!

I tried to write ‘DAD’ in candles, but it just turned into kind of a splodge. Ever since I can remember, mum’s been making this chocolate amaretti tart for my  dad’s birthday. Last year was my first attempt – I halved the recipe but forgot to halve the liquid glucose. Whoops! This year, though… Yum!