So I’ve decided to take a break from Oxford to be able to spend more time at home. This week’s been a bit dominated by a fairly hefty decision but now it’s done I feel totally relieved. Leaving Oxford behind for a bit is going to be weird, but on the major bright side I get to spend a whole extra year in my favourite place in the WORLD and also much more time in the kitchen



One thought on “Break

  1. Hi Rosie – I am a friend of your mum’s and am actually one of Ben’s godparents – but I live in Australia which is why sadly, he and I have not had the chance to catch up! Your mum told me about your blog and I love it – it is so warm and elegant and full of heart…and I love food so the fantastic, mouthwatering pictures are a real cheer-up. I recently found I am gluten intolerant so if you ever get the chance to come up with some yummy GF ideas as you do your food experiments, I would be delighted! Oz is quite good for GF substitutes for things like biscuits so I am able to do cheesecake crusts and I reckon I could do your choc fridge cake with a GF biscuit. I think you have made a great decision about spending time at home, and your family will be so happy to have you there (especially in the kitchen!) Ali x

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